photo by kathy lo


in his shoes

guy footwear we’re stealing for ourselves.

by liza darwin

It doesn't matter whether we're talking about menswear runway trends or just really great music. If the guys in our lives have something we want, we're going to borrow- uh, or let's be real--steal it. Same goes for shoes. Especially when they're as cool as the latest crop of menswear kicks this fall, it's only a matter of time before they somehow mysteriously land in our closets. 

That said, we've rounded up this season's very best options, from workwear laceup books to printed sneakers to colorblocked brogues. Sure, you might find them in the men's section, but who says you can't try them on in a size or two smaller for yourself?! It's only fair.

And the best part is, the sturdy silhouette makes these masculine shoes the perfect juxtaposition against our '90s printed dresses, miniskirts, and skinny jeans a la Alexa Chung. So check out our favorites below and pick out a pair for yourself--just don't forget to hide them, because you never know when someone might want to, ahem, "borrow"... 

Air Jordan 1 MID, $190 at Nike

Croke Sneakers, $100 at Aldo

Freddie Black Patent Boots, $169 at Antoine and Stanley

Fenelli High Tops, $80 at Creative Recreation

Meldon Straps Boots, $150 at Clarks

Leather Dolby Shoe, $285 at International Playground

Eton Wingtip Brogue, $190 at Fred Perry

Weejuns Camo Loafers, $138 at GH. Bass

Vans Brogue Sneakers, $48 at Urban Outfitters

Loake Shoes, $354 at ASOS

Green Trainers, $36 at Topman

Anthony Miles Suede Derby Shoes, $268 at Topman

Red Wing 8-Inch Boots, $265 at Amazon