creating opportunities through music.

by ray siegel

We know that we can count on NYLON readers to understand the power of music, which is why we're excited to inspire you with a NEW charitable project by Kate Power's line Fleet, Emily Haines from Metric, and an organization called HEARme, whose goal is to build an international network of recording studios in orphanages across the globe.

You already know how talented Haines is, and Power is the purveyor of some pretty badass designs, but their greatest skills have yet to be tested. By joining forces with HEARme they'll sell jewelry to fund studios in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Puerto Rico, Iraq, and Cambodia. Each sale will be one step closeR to giving isolated children their own voice. "I believe wholly that the real language we all speak is laughter. And the other is music and sound. The point IS to connect these studios throughout all of the five countries so that orphaned children who are all coming from a similar place can speak to each other through music." Metric is the first band to sign on to the project--and in return one studio will be founded in their honor. Power let us know to expect more big-name bands that are slated to come forward and continue where Metric leaves off.

One of the most exciting parts of the collaboration is the music that will be created. "I was fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments and the chance to develop my ideas. I know this is not the case for a lot of kids who have something to say. I hope that this program will click with kids who are struggling and inspire them to write their way through it," Haines told us. "We don't know what will be created," said Power. "It's an experiment." But before any of that can happen, Metric x Fleet need to sell 3,000 necklaces for HEARme.

Each piece of jewelry is a brass snake chain with an attached pen--for writing down your lyrics, if you wish. The inscription reads Metric's "Dream So Real" lyrics: "Believe in the power of songs." That advice is suddenly attached to more meaning than Metric could have ever intended. Help out buy buying yours right here and then watch an intro to the product featuring Metric, Fleet, and HEARme in action.