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Listen To A New Track From M.I.A.

it’s called ‘can see can do’

by daniel barna

The latest proof that surprise releases are the new norm in the music biz comes via M.I.A., who dropped a new track on unsuspecting fans this past weekend. It's called "Can See Can Do" and it's a straight up banger. The release came with only 30 minutes notice, and is the first new music from M.I.A. since 2013's disappointing album Matangi. Originally, she was planning on releasing a song called "All My People" but it appears as though the singer had a last second change of heart. "ACTUALLY I WANT TO RELEASE "ALL MY PEOPLE " WHEN ALL MY PEOPLE ARE READY," she tweeted. 

Accompanying the song on Soundcloud was a brief note featuring M.I.A.'s trademark political chest-thumping: "DEMOCRACY CONVERSATIONS ! TAMILS ARE STILL WAITING ! AND NO MY BEATS ARE NOT BETTER WITHOUT MY POLITICX." Listen to "Can See Can Do" below.