michael che in nylon guys

    Comedian and SNL scribe just wants everyone to chill out for a minute...

    by · March 21, 2014

    Michael Che in NYLON Guys

    What started for Michael Che as a way to ward off depression has quickly blossomed into a full-time gig. But don’t get the wrong idea. “It wasn’t like I was standing on a window ledge,” says the now 30-year-old comedian who has journeyed all way from New York’s famed Caronlines on Broadway to the writing room of Saturday Night Live.
    His latest stop, however? Page 40 of this month’s issue. And among talking about his impulsive first time on stage and his flourishing career, we also found out the secret to Che’s success. Read on below and follow the funny man on Twitter HERE.
    On his gig at SNL: “There’s a reason why no one does 90 minutes of live comedy anymore—it’s almost impossible. That’s why most everybody who leaves there becomes a superstar. The show makes you strong.”
    On why his laid back nature is the secret to his success: “Audiences need to be comfortable in order to laugh. It’s all about trust. If audiences feel safe, they’ll open up. If a comedian can do that, he’s golden.”
    -photographed by Isa Wipfli
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