Watch Michael Fassbender in First Full-Length “Steve Jobs” Trailer

danny boyle’s biopic is looking tight

We'll admit it: Michael Fassbender just doesn’t sound or look like the legendarily monomaniacal Apple founder he portrays in the new trailer for director Danny Boyle’s conceptual biopic, Steve Jobs. Guess what? Don’t care.

We’ve always felt that it’s more important to capture the spirit of your subject rather than their physical presence, and this new preview reveals a film as potentially brilliant, snide, and shouty as the guy who’s responsible for putting that iPhone in your pocket.

Now, it’s all very high concept and high risk—Aaron Sorkin’s script places the action during three of Jobs’ famous launch events in three distinct eras of his company—so Steve Jobs could still be a turkey in the making. But damn if this doesn’t look compelling as all get out, particularly with what appears to be a vulnerable supporting turn by Seth Rogan as Apple co-founder and technical wizard Steve Wozniak.

We’ll all get to find out if Boyle and Sorkin’s gamble pays off when Steve Jobs hits theaters October 9.