Michelle Branch Just Released A New Music Video

“Best You Ever” features her beau Patrick Carney

As you might’ve heard via her new music or from herself on our Facebook Live, Michelle Branch is back. Her first album in 14 years (yes, you are old), is set to come out April 7 and now we have a new music video for the single “Best You Ever.”

The video, which debuted on Refinery29, is a simple concept and shows Branch singing in a studio in black-and-white. The gray color scheme usually equates to a sad, solemn track but that’s not the case here. The song is about getting out of a relationship, but the tune is more upbeat than cry-yourself-to-sleep sad

Branch talks about the song in more detail with Refinery29, stating:

It was kind of my, for lack of better comparisons, it was kind of my ‘Are You Happy Now? on this album… It’s definitely a breakup song and I think there’s often times when you break up with people when you want to be like "You’re gonna regret this. You don’t realize how good you have it. You’re gonna miss me some day."

Watch the full video above. Blink, and you just might miss an appearance from Branch’s new love interest Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. (Hint: he’s the one playing the drums).