Mila Kunis Interview

actress, bourbon connoisseur… our new best friend?

by steff yotka

You don't need me to tell you why Mila Kunis is awesome. Just one look at her filmography (Black Swan, anyone?!), one viewing of a TV interview with her, or six seconds of hearing her voice Meg Griffin on Family Guy will do that.

But I can tell you about the newest reason you're going to want to add to the "Reasons Mila Kunis is My Imaginary BFF" list we know you keep at your desk. She's the first-ever global brand ambassador for Jim Beam. So not only is she hysterical, well-dressed, and an amazing actress, but she also knows everything about bourbon. (Just watch the video at the end of the post for the proof.) So naturally we had to ask the actress which bourbon cocktails she is obsessed with and what songs she'd add to her Jim Beam party playlist, right? Read on to find out everything--from drinking to films--that she's all about right now.

Being a Brand Ambassador for Jim Beam

It came to me as a partnership to work with Jim Beam, and I think presenting it that way made more sense to me than working for a company. I always said that you should invest in the person not the company. When I met with Fred Noe (Jim Beam's great-grandson and brand ambassador) and everybody at Jim Beam in Kentucky, it was such a nice, welcoming family-type of atmosphere. It felt very organic and natural. They were so insistent upon letting me be apart of everything and having say in the campaign, and letting me voice my opinion. That was very important me. I didn't want to feel like I was just being a herded sheep through a company. They were great, it's a really great partnership.

Whiskey Sours

There's the whiskey sour is one of my favorite cocktails. It is delicious. Fred's wife made one for me at ten o'clock the morning for me when I arrived, and it was great. 

Her Jim Beam Playlist

I'd put country music on a Jim Beam playlist.  I don't really know why, but that would be what I would do, like some Kid Rock.


I'm not a picky music person. I love music and I can appreciate all music. Right now, I love Beyonce's album, but I feel like everybody does.

The Wolf of Wall Street

I loved The Wolf of Wall Street. It was such a weird movie. My parents hated it, I loved it. My dad was offended. My mother was like, "There are so many curse words in this movie!" My dad was like, "Why is there so much violence?!" I walked out and was like, "This movie's great!"

Wardrobe Basics

When I need to pack on the fly I grab underwear, socks, an extra pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, a black T-shirt, a white bra, a black bra, and a cardigan. That's it. I do this all the time. You want to stay away from colors if you pack really fast. Don't get creative. Just pack comfortable shoes, always a pair of sneakers because you never know when you're gonna go for a long walk. Pack a pair of flats. You don't always have to bring heels ladies, you just don't.

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