Stream The Entire Final Show From Miley Cyrus’ Milky Milky Milk Tour

it’s a secret santa gift like none other

Did you miss Miley Cyrus’ “Milky Milky Milk” tour? Are you kind of crushed and broken because your opportunity to see her perform as a topless unicorn with a giant phallus has passed you by? Well uncrush yourself, friend, because it’s the holidays and in this magical time all things are possible.

Yes, some magical elf—who might indeed be Cyrus—has uploaded the entire final show of the singer’s beautiful Lisa-Frank-on-Viagra tour with her Dead Petz band to YouTube. It is a blessed thing. Right now, there's no word on if this comes directly from Cyrus, but the handle of the hosting YouTube account is "Billy Ray" and the whole video is professional grade so...you know...just sayin'. It seems to have originated with the streaming service go90, but that's about all we have at this point.

And what's in store for you when you sit down and take in the two-plus hours of free, beautiful Cyrus? There's a little "Party In The U.S.A.," which is nice. For the most, part, though, the show concentrated—as the tour did—on her Dead Petz music, the new single "BB Talk" included.

Music, however, is only about a third of what's essential here. Sight is the primary medium. There's costume change after costume change, trippy stage settings, and Pamela Anderson. Bet you weren't expecting that last one. Really, it's the perfect NSFW thing to share with family as you wrap presents and trim the tree. God bless whoever uploaded this treasure. God bless us, every one.