milk & cookies bakery

The ultimate ice cream sandwich…

by Christian Lavery

Milk & Cookies Bakery

Ok, so in case you don’t live here in the Big Apple, let us update you on our weather situation real quick. It’s been hot, really hot. Like, we have to carry around a second shirt to change into midday hot. And it’s on days like these that NYC actually turns into a concrete jungle. A fire hydrant will be opened on every third block, a breeze from an arriving train is considered a form of air conditioning, and the streets will smell of overheated garbage. That is, until you walk into a little bakery tucked away on a tree-lined West Village street: Milk & Cookies Bakery.

Upon entering, the smell of garbage disappears and the scent of freshly baked goods hits you right in the face. It feels like you’re in grandma’s kitchen, only grandma never had this many trays of cookies coming out of the oven at once. The bakery is quaint and the menu consists of everything from cookies to brownies to ice cream to drinks. So when we ducked inside to get out of the heat (we mentioned it was hot, right?), we knew what we had to get: an ice cream sandwich, of course. We opted for the "Overload," which consists of dark chocolate ice cream wedged between two peanut butter chocolate cookies. The cookies were soft and warm and made for the ultimate “bread” to scoop some ice cream in between. It was tasty, but not too filling, and made the perfect treat for a hot summer day. So if you need a break from the heat and there isn't an air conditioner you can stand in front of at the moment, stop into their West Village shop for any of their delicious baked goods. Check out all Milk & Cookies has to offer