Miniature Tigers Swimming Pool Blues

who’s down to go pool hopping?!

by jannah berkley

We were feeling nostalgic for those 00's summer days when we used to listen to Weezer by the pool in our frameless blue sunglasses, when bam! Miniature Tigers dropped the video for their summer jam "Swimming Pool Blues." Peppered with little bit of electro-pop and a little bit of old-school keyboard, the song is the perfect mix of now and then.

Charlie Brand and Rick Schaier went a little further back in time than the Millenium for their GIF-ready video. Their '70s collage-style pool party is radical: tanning behind a Howard Johnson with long-haired beach babes and orange soda pop. What's not to love?!

Good to the last synth, this video is getting us seriously psyched for summer. Watch "Swimming Pool Blues" below, and don't miss the Miniature Tigers' LP

Cruel Runnings

when it drops on June 10th! (Psst: Preorder it