ministry of supply

The look and feel of technologically advanced clothing…

by Josh Madden

Ministry of Supply

Did you know that since its launch in 2009 Kickstarter has seen a total of 55,524 successful projects which have raised over $960 million dollars?!? That's pretty insane, huh? One of these success stories is a company called Ministry of Supply that applies the same technology used in NASA's space suits to everyday office wear.

The company was founded in 2010 by a couple of MIT grads who wanted to create “technologically-savvy,” dress shirts that help control perspiration, reduce odor and wrinkling[,] but don’t make you look like a goof. These guys set out to literally build a new category of men's clothing that works sort of like Under Armour-meets Brooks Brothers-and they're doing it! After raising $600K on Kickstarter the Ministry guys enlisted Zappos CEO and a Red Sox pitcher to raise more. These dudes are serious, and when you check out their first round of of products you'll see why.

The current collection consists of items like socks with fabrics that are infused with coffee beans to help control odor, and feature “robotically knit, pressure-mapped” design to ensure fit. The brand initially launched with the Apollo dress shirt, boss pants, and base layer t-shirts that all boast space age qualities and design. The use of Photogrammetric Strain Analysis allows Ministry designers to account for how designs will perform during use. Ultimately, each piece in the collection is constructed not only of performance-friendly material, but designed to wear well though any situation. We're just waiting to see someone run a marathon in a's bound to be in the works.

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