our secret london it girl gets into more stylish mischief.

by miss brit

Since my pinching Mark Ronson's bottom, I have seen him everywhere - embarrassing, some may say but I prefer to look on it as fate. He and Jamie from Klaxons are also joined at the hip, arriving together to the premiere of the Rolling Stone's documentary film, Shine A Light on Wednesday, which was pretty cool. Actress Jamie Winstone looked stunning in a Dolce & Gabbana dress but I was more interested in discussing what I am going to wear for my house party next weekend where Jamie (Klaxons) is going to be our star DJ, hehe - can't wait to see my friend's faces - and whether he brings Mr Ronson.

The weather here in London is finally looking up. Gone is the bleak rain in favour of sunshine and people who, getting in the spirit, are down to t-shirts and shorts - such is the ridiculousness of the Brits.

It is just as well that it is no longer raining for tomorrow is the Shoreditch wedding of the year - my colleague Phoebe getting married in the heard of the East End in hot pink Miu Miu shoes and a Fifties-style prom dress. Balking at convention, the reception is in Hoxton Square and people will all be out trendying each other rather than looking at the bride. Still I am looking forward to it immensely.

This week was Henry Holland's Fash Bash debut at Movida, which was a strange choice of venue but I guess they are trying to make it cool. Was nice to see him and Aggy (of course) but as people are suspecting I am the lovely Agyness Deyn I will have to put people straight - I wish. It was a good night, the place looked amazing decked out in House of Holland tartan and the usual suspects - Peaches Geldof (who is now joined to the hip with Faris from The Horrors) et al who move in packs these days it would seem.

Last night, the police were called to clear the streets when the fashion pack popped over to hip Hoxton boutique Start for their Savile Row tailoring launch. While the party continued outside thanks to the not-so-fabulous no smoking rule, the police cars moved everyone on fairly early. Not on to bed though, on to Bethnal Green Road's Paradise Cafe, where live bands play despite the dodgy appearance from the outside and strange-looking regulars. A night in and an evening at the gym beckons me thinks.