mixtape: atlas genius

the ultimate road trip playlist from this summer’s road warriors.

by rebecca willa davis

If anyone has learned the importance of having a good road trip playlist, it's Atlas Genius; the Adelaide, Australia duo comprised of brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery have been touring North America all summer, with shows running to November. Yes, November.

"There are a couple of members [on the tour bus] who we'll cut their DJ sessions short," says Keith with a laugh, adding, "I won't mention who they are!"

Instead, the band relies on finding new music through friends' Spotify playlists. According to Keith, "You've got certain friends who you know have similar tastes, so [we do a lot of] trolling through friends' playlists. That's the most trusted source, to be honest."

And you know which of our friends we trust for road trip music? Atlas Genius--the band put together their ultimate on-the-road mix for this summer, featuring everything from electro-pop tracks from Empire of the Sun and Cayucas to a bit of funk courtesy of Prince. Stream the entire mixtape for free below, and get your tickets for Atlas Genius' upcoming shows here.