mixtape: july fourth

a red, white, and blow-out-your-speakers kind of playlist.

by rebecca willa davis

You've got the brews, got the pie, got the maybe-kinda-sorta illegal fireworks (it's cool, we won't tell).

The only thing missing from your July Fourth party? The playlist. Instead of going with the usuals ("American Pie" always sounds great when you're on the wrong side of inebriation) or the new-for-2013 summer hits (though yeah, "Get Lucky" is good any way you slice it), we culled together the ultimate alt-mixtape. Think Titus Andronicus citing Abraham Lincoln, Lana Del Rey singing about her own personal anthem, and Dom extolling the virtues of living in America (with a side of sarcasm).

And because we're celebrating our nation's founding, we had to do it the American way and make the playlist available to stream for free--check it out below (or click here to follow us on Spotify, and then get back to filling up that kiddie pool, OK?!