music video: MO

sway along to the world premiere of “never wanna know"!

by liza darwin

MO's recent hit "XXX" might still be ringing throughout our eardrums, but turns out the Danish musician has yet another awesome jam up her sleeve. And this time, she's traded her braid-whipping sound for something a little slower and sentimental.

"Never Wanna Know" is the newest track off the musician's Bikini Daze EP, out October 20th. Stocked with swinging melodies, an unexpectedly beachy vibe, and tons of "ooohs," this is a heartbreak anthem like you've never heard before. In other words, it won't make you depressed. Promise! Chalk it up to her syrupy-smooth vocals or the irresistible hooks that we already love from the rising electro-pop star, but this moody gem deserves to be blasted from car windows (and speakers) everywhere--whether or not you just went through a breakup yourself.

A song as good as this one deserves an equally gorgeous music video, and luckily, MO delivers just that in this kaleidoscopic mashup of black and white images and seriously sweet dance moves. So what are you waiting for? Watch the premiere below, and don't be afraid to sing along...you know you want to.

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