MØ’s New Song Is An Ode To Best Friendship

Listen to “Nights With You”

Best friends are few and far between, but when you've found one, you know. They're the humans you get into trouble with; who you dye your hair crazy colors with; who you turn to when you need a shoulder to lean on. MØ's newest single, "Nights With You," is an ode to her special human.

"I’ve known her since kindergarten and she is like a sister to me," MØ says in a press release. "The lyrics are about telling your soulmate to let go of all the worries." 

With production credits touting modern-day heavyweights, like Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat, "Nights With You" is a guaranteed smash. (Like you'd expect anything less from the Danish powerhouse, who's riding a momentous year of hit after hit.) SOPHIE lends his mastery to the track, too, elevating it to untouchable, extraordinary heights. "Sometimes all you need is someone who knows you well to [tell] you to stop worrying, turn off your phone, go out, get smashed and forget about life as we know it," MØ adds. "If only just for a while."

Call up that someone and head into the weekend with this as your soundtrack. You deserve it.