Photo courtesy of ModCloth


ModCloth’s New Swimwear Campaign Is All About Body Positivity

We’re all in

by daniel barna

For as long as swimsuits have been sold, retailers have used Amazonian models to sell their latest itsy bitsy line of goods, a practice that has propagated unrealistic body expectations for women everywhere. That's why a new initiative from ModCloth feels so important.

For their latest line of swimwear, the online purveyors of indie-inspired clothes have enlisted a group of ModCloth employees and social media influencers to model the summer's latest looks.

But what these women do for a living isn't really the point. What matters here, is what these women look like. They're a diverse group, and represent a giant "eff you" to the fashion world's status quo. "I want to show other people like me that it's okay to look like me and love your body," said ModCloth founder Susan Gregg Koger

"Women are so much more than their measurements," Koger explained. "Our goal is to represent women for who they are—confident, intelligent, and fun. We strive to continue to positively portray women by recognizing their capabilities and contributions, regardless of their size, and inspire body positivity across the spectrum." 

Another important thing to note about ModCloth's campaign, and the company in general, is that they eschew the industry-wide practice of Photoshopping their images, preferring instead to release content that is glaringly airbrush free.

"If we want the conversation to change," Koger added, "We have to be a part of it." Amen.