A Modern Twist On The Original “The Lion King” Trailer

so intense

by leah cunningham

When The Lion King was originally released, who wasn’t a fan? The 1994 animated film became a staple of our childhood along with its sing-a-long soundtrack. The trailer for the original film includes all that was wonderful about the movie: the catchy music, the heart-wrenching plotline, and the comic relief of Timon and Pumbaa. But when video editor Ryan Shukis decided to revamp the trailer of the beloved Disney film, it resulted in something amazing.

Shukis created a trailer like fans have never seen before with a modern twist. Shukis’s version does not include our favorite upbeat tunes—i.e. “Hakuna Matata.” Instead it gives a very serious and intense look into the story. This trailer is so amazing, it makes us want to dust off our VHS tape and watch “The Lion King” on repeat.

(via MTV)