Photo courtesy of Violet Sands


Watch Violet Sands’ Trippy, ‘X-Files’-Inspired New Video For “Modern Ruins”

One video, two realities

Are you a fan of the bands Savoir Adore, French Horn Rebellion, or Love Like Deloreans? If so, you're going to absolutely love Violet Sands. The trio consists of Deidre Muro, David Perlick-Molinari, and Derek Muro, and makes out-of-this-world music that fuses elements of '90s R&B with shoegaze and future bass. (Yes, you heard that right. Quite a combo.) Today, we're premiering the music video for their latest single "Modern Ruins," which gives viewers a surreal cinematic experience. 

Given their love for the '90s, it's no surprise that the song was inspired by the partnership between The X-Files agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. "We imagined Mulder heading out to explore some perilous remains of a desert city in search of 'answers,'" Muro said. "Scully insists on going along—against her better judgment, fueled by her passion for the truth and for him. We wanted to create a sweeping, classic-feeling melody to score this idea, like something you might in a Tom Petty or Chrissie Hynde track."

Directed by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Christian Haberkern, the glitchy VHS-style video allows plenty of room for interpretation. The main gist is our protagonist—who may or may not be alive—traveling through an alternate universe in pursuit of her lover, though. 

"We knew that [Haberkern's] combination of aesthetic, surreal imagery, and themes of meta-life was a good match for what we trying to accomplish with 'Modern Ruins,' and that he would do an incredible job interpreting the song visually," Muro added.

Stream Violent Sand's debut Strange Attractor EP on Spotify via Ensemble Records. Dive into the sci-fi infused visual, below.