A New Study Reveals Which U.S. Cities and States Have The Most Attractive People

it might be time to move

Ever feel like you're endlessly swiping left on Tinder? It's not you—you just might live in the wrong place. But now, thanks to a new study, you can find out which city you should visit—or move to—to meet the hottest people around.

Dating app Clover put together maps to show where you can find the prettiest people. To seek out attractive women, search the east coast, where six of the top-eight cities for attractive ladies can be found. New York City's Manhattan borough takes the top-ranking position, followed by Santa Monica, CA, Boston, MA, Miami, FL, Cleveland, OH, Queens, NY, Tampa, FL, and Philadelphia, PA. For states as a whole, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey make the golden trio.

If you're looking for hot guys, Jacksonville, FL, will be your best bet, where men are supposedly 70 percent more attractive than the national average. Other top cities include Scottsdale, AZ, Virginia Beach, VA, Boston, MA, Minneapolis, MN, Baton Rouge, LA, Manhattan, NY, and Lincoln, NE. Montana, South Dakota, and Utah prove that Midwest is best when it comes to handsome guys.

So, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder—but a road trip to any of these places certainly wouldn't hurt your eyes, either. See the full maps at Clover for more info.

(via Complex)