Most Wanted: Gentle Monster Colored Sunglasses

See the world through rose-colored lenses

Now that we’ve passed the halfway mark of March, we can’t help but tell ourselves that spring really is just around the corner.

Since it may be too early to pull out the crop tops and miniskirts, accessories are instead the perfect way to kick off your spring wardrobe.

Looking at life through rose-colored glasses may not be such a bad thing, especially when they’re this cute. NYLON favorite Gentle Monster has killed it with our latest obsession. Known for their unique frames and high-quality materials, Gentle Monster always creates something amazing. 

These Jumping Jack shades have a light pink tint and thin silver frames, with cool details like an extra bar over the nose bridge and slanted cutouts of the glass by the nose. Get ready for the new phase of eyewear, where you’re more likely to be seen with your sunnies than without. 

Gentle Monster Jumping Jack Glasses, $320, available at Gentle Monster.