Your First Look At The ‘Moulin Rouge!’ Musical Is Here

“Come What May” indeed

Before Moulin Rouge! the Musical hits The Great White Way later this year, it's making a pit stop in a pre-Broadway engagement at Emerson College's Colonial Theatre in Boston. To mark the occasion, the folks behind the stage adaptation of the 2001 movie shared a video of its star, theater bae Aaron Tveit, singing "Come What May."

Now, die-hard Moulin Rouge! fans (like myself), brace yourselves. This is not the "Come What May" you're likely expecting or wanting. It's a bit more, erm, Duncan Sheik than the original, sweeping composition David Baerwald and Kevin Gilbert wrote for the penniless writer, Christian, and courtesan, Satine's, love story. (Fun fact: "Come What May" is the only original song featured in the movie.) 

Anyway, Tveit, as Christian, soars through the song with enough pathos to tug a few heartstrings. There's magic here, but whether it's the right magic to hold a candle to the magic of Baz Luhrmann's spectacular spectacle is up for debate. Just because you can, can, can adapt something for the stage doesn't mean you necessarily should, but decide for yourself, below. 

Call me when they release the stage version of "Elephant Love Medley."