mouse of style

is this the cutest bag ever?

by faran krentcil

Despite screaming when we see one scurrying across the kitchen floor, the mouse is something of a style icon - at least when it's painted on clothing instead of sprinting across linoleum tile. Examples include Jeremy Scott's glorious Minnie Mouse collection, Marc Jacobs' slew of mouse flats (an ode to his nickname, "Stinky Rat") and Maison Michel's lace mouse ears, as seen on Ashley Olsen in Tokyo. Now the French boutique Colette has a mouse purse designed by Yazbukey. The limited-edition bag is made from canvas and glossed leather, and has tiny ears, whiskers, and a tail, along with a zipper and wristlet strap. It's similar in feel to Mandy Coon's beloved bunny bag, but alas, that's been sold out at Opening Ceremony for months. (And it's not even on eBay!)

Yazbukey Mouse Bag, $196 online at Colette