movie night

get some sundance favorites for under $1!

by faran krentcil

Movies are expensive to make, and expensive to see - but if you're going to check out a low-budget indie flick, shouldn't you get a break on the ticket price?

The SundanceNOW thinks so, at least today. The movie store for independent and festival films has $0.99 downloads of past SXSW movie favorites, in honor of the imminent Texas party week.  So go ahead and splurge on the Junior Mints - these movies cost less than a lip gloss...


Hannah Takes the Stairs, starring Greta Gerwig in her wait-this-girl-should-be-famous role. 

Download Code:  HANNAHSXSW

Sorry, Thanks, starring Wiley Wiggins of Dazed and Confused as a confused boy with two girlfriends.

Download Code:  SORRYSXSW

After School Special, starring Ezra Miller in the directorial debut of a 24-year-old Antonio Campos.

Download Code: AFTERSXSW