cameron, justin, and a deadly game of dodge ball.

by ali hoffman

Confession: Our initial interest in Bad Teacher had little to do with the actual movie, and more to do with the personal life of its stars. Our inner monologue went something like this: "Are Cameron and Justin really working on a movie together? Maybe they'll fall in love again! Maybe all those Amanda Seyfried rumors are totally wrong!" 

But it only took ten minutes of watching Bad Teacher before all thoughts of Camberlake were erased, for several reasons.  Cameron plays the very unlikable Elizabeth Halsey, who is (yes) a very bad elementary school teacher.  Aside from playing R-rated movies on the first day of school, Halsey's also a mean, superficial gold digger.  Justin's character, meanwhile, is a sub named Mr. Delacorte and he's a huge nerd.  These two so don't belong together - especially since (SPOILER ALERT!) Ms. Halsey's got some pretty adorable chemistry with the P.E. teacher played by Jason Segel.

So no, this is not an US Weekly cover.  But overall, the comedy, directed by Jake Kasdan (Freaks and Geeks, Orange County), boasts several LOL-worthy jokes, a handful of hilarious cameos (e.g. Wayne from Arrested Development plays the principal), and central air conditioning (as long as you're watching this in a real cinema, and not downloading it illegally on your MacBook).  

On the downside, it's definitely raunchier than the previews led us to believe, which seems kind of unnecessary and forced.  But if you like the sound of School of Rock meets Bad Santa,  then this just may be the summer blockbuster for you.