we head out west with k.stew and the gang…

by ali hoffman

We've said it before and we'll definitely say it again: Adapting a classic piece of literature into a film comes with great risks. There will always be a large group of people who protest and claim the movie butchers the text. And though we're sure some definitely feel this way about Walter Salles' screen adaptation of On the Road, we're glad to say we do not feel this way--in other words, we kind of liked it.

Sure, the movie doesn't compare to Jack Kerouac's monumental novel, which arguably captured the true feeling of what it was like to be a part of the Beat Generation. But we definitely give Salles props for having enough grit to take on such a major feat. Bottom line: If able to step away from the whole "I-can't-believe-they-made-this-into-a-movie" attitude, we think you've got a fair shot at enjoying yourself.

Here are the top four things we liked about it: 1. The film boasts a finely tuned, really awesome aesthetic--from the all the cars shown being a different shade of blue, to the gritty look of New York in the late '40s. 2. Kristen Stewart totally surprised us as Marylou. She's raw, dynamic, brave, and definitely one of the most fascinating characters in the movie. Kirsten Dunst isn't in it as much, but her performance is another great surprise of the film. 3. Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund have a sweet bromance chemistry-- you know, in a weird drug buddy way. 4. The costumes are pretty much what we dream of finding any time we enter a vintage store, and we definitely walked away with some major outfit inspiration.

As for all the overly hyped nudity, it ironically seems like more of an afterthought, as it neither makes nor breaks the movie. The one thing we will say while on the subject is you probably don't want to see this one with your parents...Awkward...

On the Road hits theaters tomorrow. Click here to fing a showing near you!