shosh’s ex-boyfriend is a principal.

by ali hoffman

These days, most of the comedies we end up seeing boast ridiculously impressive ensemble casts, massive budgets, and too often still fall short of being really, truly funny.

Wuss is not any of the above.

Written and directed by Clay Liford, the film follows Mitch (Nate Rubin),a classic underdog who still lives in his childhood home with his mom and sister and teaches high school students at the same high school he attended ten years prior. Bullied by everyone from his students to his younger sister to his colleagues at the high school--including the assistant principal played by Alex Karpovsky (a.k.a. Shoshanna's now-ex-boyfriend on GIRLS)-- the movie is reminiscent of Election, with a dose of Welcome To The Dollhouse discomfort.

Though the plot takes a few too many swerves, the acting is overall on point--particularly Rubin, who, side note, sounds like Michael Cera but looks like a Schwartzman brother. At times laugh-out-loud funny, Wuss overall gets our stamp of approval if you're looking for a witty dark comedy that's a little rough around the edges.

Check it out for yourself, now available on iTunes, Netflix, and Video on Demand.