the sound of music

drinking wine has never sounded so sweet.

by liza darwin

You don't need a reason to have a wine night. However, thanks to these new musical wine glasses, there's no excuse not to have one. 

We already know that you can make your wine glass play musical notes by tapping the glass. But which notes, exactly? That's where Nostalgics comes in. The London-based design studio has crafted special glasses that come stamped with a notation chart--this way you can actually see which notes you'll hit depending on how much liquid you decide to pour. So whether you want to ping it (lightly) with a fork or run your finger around the rim to make the sound, it doesn't matter, because the old school party trick just got even more fun. 

Buy the set of 12 for $64 here so you can have a full scale. Now the only thing left to do is start planning your dinner party...and picking out the songs you want to perform.