Mystery Man Steals the Golden Globes With a Wink

While the 72nd Golden Globe Awards might have been a disappointingly sober affair (by Golden Globes standards), there was one off-the-cuff moment that left us as confused as a drunk Elizabeth Taylor announcing the Best Drama winner in 2000. Behold, as Katherine Heigl and David Duchovny announce the nominees for Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama, and what happens when they camera pans to Clive Owen.

Did you miss it? Zoom in and enhance, David Caruso.

WHO IS THIS STRANGER, AND WHY DID HE JUST WINK AT ME. Or, did he wink at you? Did he wink at all of us? None of us? Some of us? Am I left out? Do I not deserve love? Like Giuliana Rancic’s brunch invitations to George and Amal Clooney, these questions will remain unanswered as the Clive Owen-bomber has yet to even be identified. On YouTube, he is described as a “seat filler,” and on Vine, simply “homie in the back.” If you, mysterious winking sir, are reading this right now, just know: This isn’t over.

Text by John Walker.