nano hifi

The next best thing to live music…

by Josh Madden

Nano HiFi

The Nano HiFi story goes a little something like this: the "Boom Box" craze is back in effect, people are once again really into portable systems that play from iPods and our phones and stuff, but sound quality is being sacrificed for size. The folks who created this system focused entirely on sound and then built the most minimal compartment around it. The different parts can actually be obtained in pieces depending on how big the listening space which is--it's pretty genius because you don't have to lug around the whole system but you can also outfit your apartment with an entire sound system. They have developed a patented multi-yoke loudspeaker technology that enables the Nano HiFi to generate higher sound pressure level at low frequencies. Long story short, this all means that you can set this little number down and feel like you're in the front row of a Lynyrd Skynyrd show...or, well, any show for that matter. Check them out 


and be the first of your friends to have this new amazing technology.