going to oz

nasty gal collabs with aussie brand shakuhachi!

by jamie wilson

When it comes to collaborations, some things are just meant to be together:

ASOS and Puma,

Vans and The Beatles


Topshop and Adidas

, the list goes on...

So needless to say, we're so excited about this Nasty Gal x Shakuhachi 9-piece collection, because it's a total mashup of trendy L.A.-meets-wild Australia. Nasty Gal's signature attitude partners with Shakuhachi's use of silk and prints perfectly.  

In a season plagued by florals, this collection brings a refreshing dose of fun to the quintessential spring look. Think bursts of color, loud prints and a huge punch of flower power (less sweet and more in-your-face) in the form of rompers, crop tops, and shift dresses.

The eclectic looks that make up this collection without a doubt scream--because there's nothing quiet about these pieces--daytime and sunshine forever.  These are the ultimate clothing items to rock by the beach, at the coolest music festivals and on a sunny rooftop. 

Go ahead and get wild with your spring wardrobe by shopping this Nasty Gal x Shakuhachi capsule collection exclusively on

! But first, get a sneak peek below.

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