It’s National Cat Day, So Here Is A Bunch Of Very Cute Cats

You’re welcome.

by Sarah Beauchamp

Some people meditate. Some do yoga. Others scroll through thousands of cat memes for hours. We all have our methods to unwind. In honor of National Cat Day, here are the best cat memes, GIFs, and pics on the internet. You're welcome.

"Sir, are you aware you're a cat?"

This cat would just like some tea. 

The fuzziest Luke Skywalker. 

Guilty cat is really innocent. 

This cat has places to be. 

I mean, this is honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. 

Some of your favorite albums, reimagined with kittens. 

Cats may or may not take over the world one day. 

This little guy!!

Please, I want. 

When you're searching for more cat memes. 

Do you really need friends if you have a cat? 

Bury me in a sea of kitten GIFs, thank you. 

It's cute how cats are always deciding whether or not to hug you or kill you. 

This is the greatest holiday ever.