national pi(e) day!

An excuse to stuff your piehole!

by Josh Madden


For all you math enthusiasts out there, you know that March 14th is also known as Pi day. And if you weren't paying attention in geometry class, Pi is a mathematic term representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. But we're not here to lecture you--your teachers and professors already have that covered. We're here to inform you that today, you have a legitimate excuse to stuff your piehole with an obscene amount of pie!

We went out in search of a spot that has a diverse selection of these circular foods and we were lucky enough to find Pie Face. Mostly known for their mini pies, they definitely have variety to satisfy you and your all your cravings. With everything from hearty breakfast pies to classic dessert pies, you can grub on a little bit of everything.

We decided to be gentlemen and swoop up enough pies for us and the NYLON girls and have ourselves a little party. On the savory side, we went with a philly cheesesteak, BBQ pulled pork, bacon egg and cheese and a veggie pie. With a super flaky buttery crust these savory pies are seriously mouth watering. We all looked at each other, mouths full and with that look of "oh ya, this is awesome." Chasing down all the savory with some classic feels, we had apple crumble, pecan, pumpkin, apple, cherry and chocolate mini pies. Needless to say, everyone got their sweet tooth satisfied.

We've got a feeling every Friday is going to be some variation of pie (umm, we mean Pi) day around NYLON HQ. Check out Pie Face's full menu


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-words & photos by Yung Will