Watch Native Americans Try On “Native American” Halloween Costumes

obviously, things did not go well.

As if it needs to be said again—and guessing by a lot of sorority party pics it is—dressing yourself up as a “Native American” (or “Indian,” if that’s still what you say) is not a good way to celebrate Halloween (that is, if you yourself aren’t Native American—but sloppily constructed, faux-traditional garb seems like an unlikely sartorial choice). Much as we all love headdresses, beading, earth tones, and Disney’s Pocahontas, it’s just wrong to represent yourself as a caricature of an entire, multifaceted culture—particularly one that’s had such a history of subjugation. 

Still not convinced? Well, how’s about you play the above video from BuzzFeed? In it, you’ll see actual Native Americans try on the “Native American” costumes offered up by many companies. It goes about as well as you could expect—that is to say, it doesn’t go very well at all. Look, if even Native Americans (or First Peoples) don’t feel comfortable putting on these cheap headbands, ratty, fake nubuck, and feathers, just think about how they’d feel seeing it on you. Ugly, right?

(via BuzzFeed)