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This New App Will Write Witty Texts For You

Or fill your chats with butt jokes…

The French call it l'esprit de l’escalier. We call it thinking of the right, witty thing to say about five minutes too late. Guys, in this day and age of having to be constantly on with your social media posts, text chats, and, let’s not forget, real life, it’s easy to run out of sharp, funny things to say. For real, we’re feeling l'esprit de l’escalier about once an hour at this point.

Well, a new app, Nattr is claiming to be the solve for all that. By employing a “team of handpicked writers and comedians,” the Nattr creators claim to be able to offer you a charming, sharp, or simply hilarious collection of words designed to elicit those all-too-important LOLs when you’re searching for something impressive to say in your text threads. 

Simply, you upload the ongoing chat, and the community of Nattr users—some of them actual, professional comedians—offer up their takes on exactly the right things to say at this moment. It is, yes, a little hollow (words like "boobies" and "butt" come up a lot) and scary (you’ve got to take a hard look at humankind when we can outsource even our personal communications). But, friends, this is also downright fun—particularly when you’re the one offering up the perfect joke or clapback. We can imagine this would be downright vital when it comes to the tricky business of communicating with potential significant others, dicey situations with friends or family, or just about any situation where you need a little advice but don’t want to open the issue up to people you know (Nattr allows you to post and receive pointers anonymously).

How effective is it? Well, we downloaded Nattr and asked the crowd to provide the final words for this post, so here we go: “Let's just say the site is full of a-holes. Oops. I'm sorry. I meant options.” Okay, nothing’s perfect. Use with caution, we guess?

(The Guardian)