editor’s pick: out of this world

instead of escaping the polar vortex, let’s just take a trip to another planet.

by rebecca willa davis

Telling you that I'm looking to escape New York for a few days wouldn't be news--if you've been on Twitter any time in the past three days you know that everyone in the East Coast is kinda freaking out.

But I've been checking Kayak like a nut and have still not found any ticket cheap enough to fit my oops-I-gifted-myself-a-bit-too-much-on-Cyber-Monday budget.

And then I found a ticket to Mars. For $18. And yes, the price is right. Granted, the price covers just a little mani session with Vacation On Mars, a new hue from NCLA, but I'm pretty sure that the holographic white will make my skin look super tan even if I don't leave my apartment all weekend. (Related: It can reach 70 degrees on Mars, so best pack that bikini.)

Down for a mini-staycation this weekend? Pick up your own bottle right here.