Netic Rebel of Ap café

Brooklyn’s newest gem…

by Josh Madden

“We wanted to take on something completely different and challenging,” Netic Rebel, one of AP Café’s co-owners tells us. And that’s just what this band of brothers did. After creating custom wood and metal works, furniture, and songs--and scoring touchdowns, the guys reveled in an opportunity to physically build something for themselves. Netic, along with his brother Ryan Grant, and friends Wes Mapes and Hugo McCloud, renovated their workspace by hand in just over six months and all of them have the scars to prove it.

Surrounded by the murals of Bushwick, this beautiful space was built with the artist in mind. “We wanted to create a place that was inspiring and appealed to creatives.” One doesn’t have to look far for such inspiration. Whether it be the handcrafted benches, soothing waterworks or even the house-made effervescent watermelon juice, AP is overflowing with stimulus. With light streaming overhead and from the large windows, it’s just as good for a cup of coffee as it is to mull over your latest video treatment. And they have almond milk! The pastries from fellow Brooklyn hot spots Dough and Choice respectively are just the beginning; soon the café will carry a full menu that reflects the guys' many travels and background. Family recipes for sorrel and ginger beer are just a prelude to the bold flavors AP is bringing to the block. Stop by and check this new gem out for yourself at 420 Troutman Street.