an Aussie denim staple prepares for us invasion.

by liza darwin

After spending weekend after weekend hitting up flea markets and thrift sales, it's safe to say Par Lundqvist has perfected the art of finding that perfect vintage itme. But now this Swedish designer has taken his skill for shopping and transformed it into a full-fledged clothing company, the Australian-based line NEUW.

Along with friends Stephen Little and Richard Bell, Lundqvist has gained a following Down Under for the brand's collection of vintage-inspired denim. Operating under this self-proclaimed "vintage revision" philosophy, NEUW updates old-school jeans with added darts, repairs, and tucks that nod to the fabric's 100+ year history while at the same time staying totally modern.

Many of the denim styles have already hit American shops like OAK and Madison, with the brand's accompanying collection of blouses, dresses, and t-shirts trickling just in time for the fall shopping season.

Given the easy fit and wear everywhere sensibility, the message is ringing loud and clear- what's old is officially NEUW again.

Learn more about NEUW here.