Hayley Williams Gets Tattooed In New Found Glory’s “Vicious Love” Video

no ragrets

by leah cunningham

New Found Glory’s latest music video for “Vicious Love” has us in a state of pop-punk overload, and it is nothing short of blissful. For both the song and video, the group is joined by Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams—which leads to the perfect combination of punkness that the teen inside of us has been dying to rock out to.  

The video takes place in the “Vicious Love Tattoo” parlor with the guys of New Found Glory tattooing couples who appear to be at the peak of love. But as the song's title suggests, the couples—thinking that they are going to be together forever—get tattoos of each other’s names and faces and then wind up having a not-so-happy ending. Hayley Williams and New Found Glory’s guitarist Chad Gilbert, who are engaged in real life, partake in the tattooing as well, as Hayley gets a fake “Chad” tattoo on her stomach.

One GIF to sum up this music video: