The New Moon In Aries Is A Time For Self-Empowerment

Get ready for some new beginnings

Do you love the new moon the way I love it? A time to set plans into motion, to manifest for the year ahead, to spend the night looking for all the constellations and stars you have yet to know. During the waning moon, the sky gets darker and darker as the moon’s lid lowers, as if she’s meditating on shadows and all the unknown worlds hidden within them. This month’s new moon is in Aries, and if there’s anything Aries excels at, it’s beginnings, reveling in unknown possibilities, discovering the numerous outcomes we’re capable of putting into place with sheer willpower. An Aries new moon is all about self-determination and self-empowerment. Rising on the heels of Mercury Retrograde, this Aries new moon is even more impatient, irreverent, irritable, and unstoppable than ever. She’s fueled by the strength of the Sun and Uranus’ rebellious nature, both in Aries, she knows the future is already here if you want it and she’s ready to go go go go.

Mercury goes direct the same day as the new moon, and this might make you want to jump up and clap your hands, but, do me a favor, and mind your feet. Impulsive Aries might not understand that Mercury Rx’s shadow period lasts two weeks after Mercury is direct, but you, dear reader, should try to understand. The upturned roots and upended plans, the missed connections and miscommunications you’ve run up against this month aren’t done with you quite yet. There are lessons here or, if not lessons, causes for retrospection and deep intention setting. The new moon in Aries wants you to begin again and as soon as possible, but if you’re willing to act wisely, you’ll let the new moon channel your urgent energy into plans rather than immediate actions. 

Mars, the planet that rules Aries, is still stationed in Capricorn and spending a lot of time with stern Saturn. The choices you make about your path now are infused with an incredible power, there is an enduring influence here, a domino effect that has the potential to change your life in multiple rippling ways. With all this fire in the sky, you’ll feel like you’ve got a lot of fuel in that tank. Take advantage of every spike of ambition and energy to drive out into the reaches of your imagination and make a blueprint for the year ahead. Give Mars in Capricorn the chance to size those plans up and make sure they are worth your time, your energy, and your financial resources. What materials are necessary for your foundation? What will serve as your pillars and beams, where will you place the load-bearing walls? Can you envision now the shape that you want your year to take? Can you envision who will be there with you when the Sun returns to Aries next year? Call in the support you need, even if only to cheer you on from sidelines as you strike out on your own. 

Put a little faith in yourself, or, better yet, put a lot of faith in yourself—if a vision of what you want comes to you, don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Aries, like all children, hate the word “no,” because they want every day to begin with open doors. If there are doors in you that want to be open, open them. If all this planning and reflecting has got you restless, then go outside. Venus is in Taurus, so spend time in nature, ask yourself what you love and make a point of loving it openly and widely, like lying in the grass under a tree and following the branches, like being quiet and listening to the buds open. Stretch out and remember your body. You’ve got to warm up those muscles before you’re ready to race.