Everything You Need To Know About The Aquarius New Moon

Separation is the secret

by christie craft

Change can’t be swept under the rug and ignored out of fear or laziness anymore once the Sun and Moon, both in Aquarius, touch noses on the evening of Friday, January 27. A new phase is ushered in with a quizzical celestial kiss from a free-thinking, progressive Aquarius New Moon, allowing an ideal mix of agency and urgency to flow into our consciousness. For some signs—especially Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, and Aquarius—the weak, rotted-out spots will be practically neon-lit, demanding our immediate attention. Money matters and relationships, including romantic, social, and business-oriented connections, are awash with opportunities for rejuvenation, but not before a brief crucible. Aquarius’ mission mimics the energy of its patron crystal, the amethyst: Gently pushing boundaries until the limit is hit, then transcended.   

Tension between the past and future reaches a fever pitch in the present when Aquarius plays tug-o-war with the Sun and Moon. Nostalgic and attached, the Moon isn’t one to easily forget or charge into the future with a devil-may-care attitude. On the other hand, Aquarius feels most comfortable when rebelliously detaching from the past and creating a new frontier of possibility. Aquarius is so obsessed with independence and freedom, snipping ties with one’s origins or past burdens comes as second nature during the next two weeks. Some may even go to extremes and completely revolt against their motherland—either literally in a political sense, or figuratively (think: family feuds, becoming at-odds with a longtime employer or social clique). Temper yourself should you become disillusioned, though: This Aquarius New Moon is embroiled in an idealism impossible for reality to match fully. Clinging to fairytale expectations could leave you strung-out on a hamster wheel, continually searching for a Land of Milk and Honey that simply does not exist.     

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box or lean on a trusted friend for allied support if you feel stifled or frustrated when circumstances demand firm decisions. Two heads are better than one now, so why not brainstorm with your bestie over a bottle of wine to take the edge off? And if things aren’t particularly tense for you, there’s a high chance you’ll be the allied force called in by a close pal or colleague. Don’t let a friend’s outreach overwhelm you; instead, take it as an honor and a complement to your wisdom, diplomacy, and head for strategy. Focus on extending a friendly hand—and in turn, receiving support—as well as enjoying the platonic, familial love you’ve cultivated. Trust: Your team is present to show you a clear, hopeful vision of a more fulfilling future.

Restrictions will be revealed through this lunation, but as the Moon’s energy waxes through Aquarius, a newfound maturity develops as the fruit of feeling alienated or isolated. Great self-sufficiency and a true bootstraps-and-grassroots spirit sweeps over those plugged into this New Moon. Eventually, this fresh stroke of strength begins to glow like a beacon attracting those in need of an energetic pick-me-up, particularly for anyone feeling like a pariah or social reject. Leading as a shining example and providing emotional (or literal) refuge for this band of cosmic ragamuffins going through difficult periods will only help karmically reinforce your own heart’s strength.

Like all Aquarius lunations, a kooky, unpredictable quality colors the atmosphere, providing the ideal climate for wacky political ideas and sheer rantings and ravings. Pundits are poised to be even more entertaining than we’ve yet seen—dear lord—and we all seem to be in the mood for a rousing verbal sparring match. Poking holes in arguments and watching the charlatans’ armada built from “alternative facts” sink into an ocean of scorching truth is good sport now, especially when peppered with humor. The good-timing Aquarius New Moon loves a joke—but never misses a moving target. And though political jabs might be in good fun, too much vitriol and venom injected in your words during this time might come at the cost of sacrificing a slice of credibility. 

Though near-impossible for some of the signs most intensely affected (ahem, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio), Aquarius teaches the value in pausing your emotions and hot passions in lieu of pure logic and objectivity. When emotional detachment is mastered, we give our limbic systems a breather by capping toxic anxiety and excessive worry. Even better, a healthy distance allows us to see our problems from a holistic, 360-degree view. Aquarius knows that separation is the secret to breaking bad habits and liberating ourselves from destructive behaviors that might inhibit us from reaching our highest potential. Distance and emotional detachment is also the key to Aquarius’ uncanny genius in figuring out the mechanisms and inner-workings of nearly everything. Studying and observing objectively—rather than launching into a passion play or dramatic scene—is more likely to win the war by dismantling negative forces from the inside, carefully, thanks to this uniquely Aquarian influence.

All the while, Venus and Saturn will be be at odds with each other, coloring our perception of love and money with a very serious hue. As if things weren’t stressful enough, couples might experience strain when trying to give and receive physical affection, not because love or attraction has gone cold—but for fear of rejection or a deep worry that we are unworthy of support, the most insidious facet of a Venus-Saturn square. Internalizing this negativity makes for rough, rocky roads for all types of partnerships during this New Moon phase, but especially in love relationships. Nip these bad feelings in the bud before they become destructive; be wary of pushing away love and affection or sending inadvertently mixed messages. Approach partnership with an open heart full of warmth to defrost any icicles of mistrust or dishonesty. It’s very common to struggle with feeling underappreciated—either within yourself, your partner, or both. Be sure to go the extra mile to show your S.O. how valued they are now, and keep a vigilant watch on taking anyone for granted.

The bright spot to these potentially uncomfortable trials? Relationships and business alliances that are able to smartly navigate these complicated tests are on track to deepen their connections and fortify bonds built to withstand future emotional hurricanes.

Since this is such a trying time, this New Moon phase is optimal for interjecting a third party, like a mediator or couples’ counselor. In client-facing professions, customers are bound to be more rigid and hard to please. Confronting tough customers and clients directly may not be the most productive route if met with friction. If you can, try to employ a “screen” between you and your clients through a higher-up or manager. Calling in authority at work might not be the most upstanding way to diffuse conflict (and you may hate yourself for it), but it will save you stress and mental anguish if you go the ego route of handling everything that comes your way solo.

While we’re discussing the Venus-Saturn square’s influence on business, it’s critical to note this aspect’s effects on legally binding agreements. Contracts are especially nuanced with these cosmic influences. Unlike Mercury retrograde, when everything signed, sealed, and delivered will have to be re-done or revamped almost immediately after the pesky planet goes direct, Venus-Saturn’s pull easily obscures the fine print of any written agreements. Nearly every deal done will have strings attached you didn’t see coming when the offer (or re-negotiation) was first made, so be sure to whip out your magnifying glass and give absolutely everything a close inspection before initialing and signing.

Self-confidence and our measure of worth will be challenged during this New Moon. Even if you feel steadfast in your decisions and opinions, there will no doubt be a nagging voice in your mind demanding that you do better and be better, without recognizing your latest achievements and strengths. You’re simply going through a demolition period from within, breaking down ancient barriers standing between your current self and your goals. Burying that acidic inner critic is a part of the process, but don’t expect this exercise to be painless. Tough inner-metamorphosis is at work, but not without your hand in consent and major effort to push through the scar tissue toward a better tomorrow and an improved sense of self. With the Aquarius New Moon holding court in the cosmos, solid self-confidence is just over the hill on the horizon, even for the most cynical among us. It’s not the easiest to catch in all its elusive, mirage-like form; but the Venus-Saturn square gives us the time and space to meticulously engineer our self-image for a lasting brand of self-confidence and self-determination.

And though we may be feeling ourselves perhaps stronger than ever, it’s possible those touched by this Aquarius lunation will be struck by a dark competitive spirit. Venus is something of an attention whore and demands the Universe’s full gaze when she’s in such an abrasive position with Saturn, so she’ll need to be adored above all others. This may translate to a need of intense spotlight and undivided attention, lapsing into a diva-driven attitude for the ages. Channel this starlet spirit into honest ambition and do your best to shirk the seductive spectre of celebrity. Though tempting, you could damage your reputation or relationships with an overly flamboyant or inflated sense of yourself. Because Aquarius’ influence is all about paradoxes, you won’t want to simply rest on your laurels, either—muster all your positive energy to sharpen your competitive edge. Glowing as you may be with accomplishment and confidence, there will be legions of rivals to subdue in your wake.