The New Moon In Libra Is Perfect For Renewing Your Commitment To Yourself

It’s time to write a letter to your heart

Just because it’s mid-October doesn’t mean it’s Scorpio season yet, not with Venus, Mars, the Sun and our new moon coming over to Libra’s house for the last hurrah. When Venus showed up in Libra (the sign she rules) on October 14, she felt right at home, and any Libra native open to love surely felt a glimmer of light in their hearts that has only gotten brighter in the past few days. With our Sun still in Libra going into this weekend, creative energy, the possibility of new beginnings, and a sense of destiny of “right where you should be” has been prevalent—even through despair—with many of us sensing a new glimmer of faith in what’s ahead.

It’s exactly this glimmer that’s necessary to seek and hold fast to when the new Moon rises today, October 19, the same day that the Sun will oppose Uranus. The new moon in Libra will ask all of us to start again, to try our luck at something new, to come up with a vision of the future and walk toward that vision, even if we're not sure. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, of revolution and invention, wants us to know what freedom is and will do whatever it takes to help us realize what it is not. Spinning in opposition to the Sun in Libra and the new moon, Uranus will have us seeing our holding patterns, creative blocks, and reoccurring wounds for what they are—traps we’ve set, out of fear of the unfamiliar. 

When the new moon is in Libra and Venus is in Libra, the actions you take to communicate your love to others will leave deep and lasting impressions. Under this new moon, the energy you use to express gratitude, adoration, and respect will not go wasted. Be direct, not only in expressing what you need going forward but, also, with your words of affirmation and appreciation. Under the new moon, we set new intentions. We renew our vows to the lives we are living; the lives which are not simply given to us, but which—for many of us—are a hard-won achievement.

Lone witch, seeker... write a love letter to your heart as if she is your charge and you her guardian (which is a true thing, a real thing). Everyone is afraid of making promises in a world as unpredictable as this one, in a world where lack of jobs, racist violence, sexual trauma, and the crushing weight of debt will often have us betraying our dreams and each other. We hurt each other when we forget to take care of ourselves, so write a letter, write a letter to your heart and tell it what it wants it to hear. 

Don’t be afraid to make a promise to yourself, your heart is your charge and you are a capable guardian. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for this month and what can this month signify for you? If the world around you hasn’t rewarded you for all your hard work—your efforts to expand and your resilience, reward yourself. Brush your hair softly like a kind mother might, write a lullaby for the dreams in you, close your eyes in a hot bubbly bath and recognize that the brilliant black expanse of your mind is a mirror of this new moon night when anything beautiful is possible. 

Rise into the new cycle cleansed, clutch that love letter to your chest because it is a sacred text. You give yourself to yourself, you take yourself, in sickness and in health. Or, as Michelle Tea once wrote in a poem a long time ago, “You are right where you should be, now act like it,”