Nick Jonas Is In The Fraternity From Hell In The ‘GOAT’ Trailer

And so is James Franco!

Acting bug victim Nick Jonas shows up again on our screens—this time, in the intense new trailer for GOAT, a drama about masculinity run amok. Jonas plays the confident frat bro Brett (Jonas), whose insecure young brother Brad (Ben Schnetzer) decides to join his fraternity. At first, it makes perfect sense. Fraternities are about brotherhood, so what better way to gain some confidence than having a bunch of dudes chanting your name while you do a keg stand? But once Pledge Week starts—which the fraternity brothers not so subtly call Hell Week—shit gets dark.

As depicted in the trailer, the fraternity's hazing rituals are abusive and dehumanizing, and as Brett watches his brother come apart, he begins to seriously question his frat's methods. Based on a memoir by Brad Land, the Andrew Neel-directed film got decent reviews when it premiered at Sundance earlier this year. James Franco produced the movie, and also gave himself a small role because why wouldn't he? GOAT hits theaters on September 23, and you can watch the trailer above.