Photo by Lindsey Byrnes


This Dark New Video Shows NightPulse Breaking Free From Her Painful Past

The brand-new video for “Delirious” is here

by Hafeezah Nazim

Music can often help people move toward a place of self-acceptance, with powerful lyrics serving as a therapeutic outlet for listeners. This is, anyway, the purpose music has served for songwriter, producer, and renowned drummer Lena Zawaideh, who creates powerful pop songs under the name NightPulse, who says that music has helped her accept her past while embracing her present. And in her latest music video, "Delirious," NightPulse visualizes that struggle with a literal depiction of what it means to shed your past selves; she's ultimately hoping this song will help other people in the same way music has helped her.

Directed by Lindsey Byrnes, the video sees NightPulse in three different lights: struggling to untangle herself from a black veil, bathed in a retro red glow in a club, and losing herself in the infectious energy of a concert. In the end, NightPulse frees herself from the constricting veil, a triumph that hints at something much deeper―her acceptance of herself. 

"'Delirious’ portrays the constant push and pull between one’s past and present self," Zawaideh says of the visual. "Though we may not be able to escape our past, at any moment we can decide not to be a victim of it. Literally and figuratively, I am peeling away the layers that no longer serve me."

"I chose Lindsey Byrnes to direct the video not only for her fiercely feminist spirit, but because I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her about my story," she says of the video's creative vision. "We share the same vision to empower others to take agency over their lives, and that message translated beautifully onto camera." 

Now that's a message we can get behind. 

See for yourself in the video, below.