Northern Spy

This place is to good to keep a secret any longer…

by Josh Madden

northern spy

If you've ever been to Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs on a weekend you know two things: A) "The streets are empty before noon, and B)" Brunch is a religion. Oh, you think 

Brunch Village is a joke

? Look man, we live in apartments as big as your laundry room and when we find a place with a crazy good menu and a chilled out atmosphere, we line up early, and you know what? Sometimes we wait 45 minutes to get a table.

So now that we're out in the open about our weekend weakness, let's just go ahead and let you in on the place we've been keeping a secret. Located in the East Village on 12th Street between Avenues A and B is a small restaurant that bases its menu on locally grown, raised, caught, and crafted products by the name of 

Northern Spy Food Co

. While the joint is said to have the meanest Duck Fat fries in the hood, we've only ever been for the brunch so that's what we're going to stick to.

Northern Spy serves brunch seven days a week and, if we were given a last meal request, their kale and eggs would be it. The dish consists of combination of marinated kale, cheddar, summer squash, almonds, pecorino, and eggs, AKA the literal algorithm which results in happiness. This is one of those plates that is so good you try it at home, fail miserably, and return repeatedly to try and crack its code. Simply listing the ingredients and showing a few photos could never do it justice. The biscuits...let's not even get started on the Buttermilk Biscuits with Bee Raw wild raspberry honey butter. We're going to level with you, we ate them before we could photograph them. Are you laughing? If you are it's only because you haven't tasted them. Stop laughing and just take a look at their menus 


. When you see us on that 45-minute wait this weekend you won't be laughing then, yeah, because we'll be ahead of you...we'll send a biscuit out and you'll see. Follow Northern Spy food Co. on Twitter 


and Facebook 


and see what all of the fuss is about.editors note* "

We're not worthy