Now You Know: Jimmy Sweatpants

Meet Jimmy Gorecki of Jimmy Sweatpants, a brand dedicated to covetable yet comfortable sweats you’ll wear over and over again.

Meet Jimmy Gorecki of Jimmy Sweatpants- a brand on the rise dedicated to covetable yet very comfortable sweats you will wear over and over again.


How did you come about to start a brand based on a sweatpants only premise?

A lot of the skateboard clothing brands I gravitated to as a kid took a lot of inspiration from athletic technical clothing. It was really outside of the box. Workout warm up pants, sweatpants, etc..people in high school and college would always ask me, 'a skateboard brand makes those?' It was that idea and dress code I took with me as I got older. Now it's that same idea but a little more refined and cleaner. You can wear sweatpants and still be more comfortable and better looking than everyone in the room with you. Most important, menswear is so top driven. Is rather produce a high quality pant and wear it with a 5 dollar shirt. The pant stands out. Not the same shirt everyone around has on as well.

The uniquely great quality of JSP sweats are immediately the first reaction when putting them on, what is your production process like?

It's safety in numbers. Our production numbers are small so we can incorporate a lot of difficult sewing and manufacturing practices on a thicker higher quality fleece. If anything we don't approve of we just scrap it or give it to our friends. They're spoiled so they're only gonna wear one time anyway. But that one wear they're gonna look and feel great.

Some of your collections have featured tie-dye sweats and color block sweats; what inspirations come to mind for those?

I think each idea is in it's own world. Color blocking I got from the old Yucetan boot that was made from the scraps of what was left from all the other colors. I made a brown pant, khaki pant, grey pant, olive pant. What was left of the fabric we put on each different panel.

The tie dye was inspired by what the youth is into now. They love tie dye no matter the race, genre, class. I think that's cool so it felt right to make pant from that inspiration.

Your life must be pretty cozy, how cozy would you say?

It's cozy bc there's a balance. You have to mix in denim, khaki, nylon, etc with your daily fleece execution.

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