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marc jacobs makes a $35 handbag; we swoon.

by faran krentcil

Marc Jacobs is a famous fan of the high-low mash-up, stocking his boutiques with both $5 bracelets and $5000 dresses. But until now, if you wanted a cheap Marc Jacobs bag, you had to settle for one of the tote bags - adorable, yes, but not quite right for a cocktail party.

Now Marc is doing something incredible - and some may say insane.  He's added two quilted plastic purses to his Special Items collection that are stylish enough for anyone's night (or day) out.

They're $35 and $65, very cool, very adaptable for just about any style... and very limited.  You can only get these cheaply chic bags at Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques across the country, and only until they run out.

Not to cause a stampede or anything, but...

Marc Jacobs purses, $35 and $65 at Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques.

This one is $65.

This one is $35.