NUUXS’ “Snowflakes” Will Warm You

Watch the music video here

Choreography videos never cease to be fascinating pieces of entertainment. The human body is a true work of art and seeing it in motion, especially in groups, is captivating. Because of this, a musician looking to get their message across really only needs a solid group of dancers, strong choreography, and a sensual song. NUUXS is lucky enough to have all three working in her favor in her new "Snowflakes" music video.

In the video, directed by Tom J. Cronin, choreographer Kane Horn masterfully orchestrates a troupe of dancers to dizzy up the stark, minimal setting NUUXS commands with her desire and longing. Her soulfulness entrances with each passing second, hypnotic and intoxicating.

"Snowflakes," she tells us, "is a winter-themed track about how we are all searching for more. It seems to heighten around this time of year and describing us all as snowflakes was a way of showing [despite how] different we are, we are essentially the same, wanting to find happiness." She goes on to say the mysterious box she holds and, at times, fawns over throughout the clip represents our respective wants, "but what is inside is left to the viewer to decide." She adds, "I myself like to think it's a little ray of hope." Us, too. Watch the video, below.