Photo via Cousin Stizz


Cousin Stizz Serves Up Classic Cookout Vibes

“Summertime” by The Fresh Prince, anyone?

by Sadie Bell

When summertime finally rolls around, nothing is more fun than the combo of good food, good music, and good company. So every weekend, we’re bringing you BBQ must-haves from the hands of our favorite artists so you can get a real taste of what their lives are actually like. Get your hands on the Sunday Sizzle while it’s hot.

Ever since footage surfaced of Drake celebrating his birthday to the sound of Cousin Stizz's standout track "Shoutout," there has been nothing but buzz in the industry for the Boston-based rapper. With his hook-heavy beats and honest hometown-affiliate raps about stories of brotherhood and hustling, Stizz has been one to watch. Coming fresh off the release of his sophomore mixtape MONDA, the follow-up to last year's Suffolk County, it seems like Boston's best is on his way to national success. 

Though Stizz is well on his way to rap stardom, the hometown-hero is always down to make time for a BBQ. Like his music, he keeps his taste palate top tier, prefering steak over every other dish. Why? "Because steak is fire," he says. 

Just as BBQs are a main summer tradition, Stizz keeps his cookouts classic. He said his favorite song to come on during the backyard gathering is Will Smith, aka The Fresh Prince's 1991 hit "Summertime." At the head of the rap game, though, he is always listening to the coolest, new tracks, too. In addition to bumping '90s classics, he also says, "If I wanna keep things fresh these days, I'd play 'LUNCH TIME' by Young Juicemane." 

There is no denying that Cousin Stizz keeps his beats and BBQs fresh. Check out this special playlist that he made for us, and fire up the grill at your own summer sixteen rager.