Photo by Peter Samuels.


Play The Field: Athletic-Inspired Looks That Pop

get sporty without breaking a sweat

After popping up as a popular buzz word a few seasons ago, it’s now undeniable that athleisure—that's athletic wear that can be worn casually out and about, for the unitiated—is a term and trend that’s here to stay. Call it athletic attraction, if you will. While we may not all be masters of the basketball court or soccer stars, it doesn’t mean we can’t look like (incredibly stylish) athletes when it comes to what we wear. Never picked up a tennis racquet in your life? So what?! You certainly can still dress the part. And I mean, what’s more comfortable than living in a pair of chic sneakers? 

From coordinating stripes to pastel baseball caps and ping-pong printed sweatshirts, these pieces from the NYLONshop give a new meaning to après-sport. Click through the gallery, below, to score big on some of spring's best and channel your inner athlete—even if it’s all just for show.

Photography by: Peter Samuels

Stylist: Blake Vulgamott

Hair and Makeup: Mahfud at Exclusive Artists Management

Model: Fred at New York Models 

Photo by Peter Samuels.

Kling, Ping Pong Jersey, $89, available at NYLONshopLavish Alice, Utility Strap Mini Skirt, $74.50, available at NYLONshop

Photo by Peter Samuels.

Kling, Gael Maxi Sweater, $77, available at NYLONshop, Stay Cute, Pink Fight Like A Girl Baseball Cap, $32, available at NYLONshop.

Photo by Peter Samuels.

Kling, Tennis Match Jersey, $89, available at NYLONshop.